Criminal Lawyers Melbourne

Looking for criminal lawyers in Melbourne or other Australian cities? The criminal law of Australia is mostly controlled and run by each state and territory, as well as small parts of the law under federal jurisdiction, which is controlled by the Commonwealth government.

If you have committed a crime, or have been arrested or charged with committing such an offence, it is advisable in most cases to find a criminal defence lawyer to represent you.

Charges, fines and punishments can be harsh, and can include jail time for even minor offences. A qualified legally appointed attorney is licenced to act on your behalf to represent you as a plaintiff (defendant) in legal cases.

If you require the help of criminal lawyers with your court case, and to help reduce the chances of being poorly represented, the best way to ensure your interests are best served, and your rights protected is to seek the services of a specialist defence lawyer. For the best chances for them to succeed it is highly important to get them involved in your case at the earliest stage possible. That “one phone call” you are entitled to make to seek legal representation could easily be the difference between getting imprisoned, or getting let off as not guilty.

The kind of lawyers and defence attorneys and police interviews you see on television are highly unrealistic, and regardless if you are completely innocent, or guilty as sin, the one piece of advice we offer to all is to not take the advice of TV court dramas. You will do yourself a massive disservice.

Regardless if you are 100% confident you are not guilty, the police will often state something along the lines of “if you cooperate with us, it will make things easier for you”. Be calm, courteous and provide your name, but don’t answer any questions regarding any matters. Talking will only make their job easier, easier to charge you, or incriminate you. No matter if you had nothing to do with the crime in questions, if you have been arrested, or a suspect, you are not off scott free, and legal advice could help you very much. The best advice is usually to keep your mouth shut, and state “no comment” to all questions. It is after all your right.

Once you have the opportunity seek the best representation for your case you can find. The best criminal lawyers will be someone who focuses on and is a specialist in your particular area of accused crime. Ideally, you want the highest level of skill and experience required for your exact case’s needs. As laws vary from state to state, it is best advised to contact a lawyer in your city. There are a lot of qualified experts out there to help, all of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Perth have lawyers in custom areas (as do many regional towns), and Canberra is basically a city full of lawyers! Also, you don’t want a family lawyer for a drink driving case. If you choose someone who specialises in drugs, road law, assault, or whatever your charges relate to, you are more likely to find someone who is an expert in their field, and be more experienced in such cases.

Depending on the degree of your crime, whether an indictable offence, a summons offence, in the high court of Australia or just the local Magistrates Court, ensure you chose a lawyer experienced in these areas. You want to chose someone you can put your trust in, and ensure you receive the most personal treatment from your law firm, tailored to your exact needs. It is your life and reputation on the line, and you should feel confident letting the right criminal lawyers handle this for you.

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